WooCommerce Google Assistant ordering information

 The problem

Well, not really a problem. You can also just query order information through the app. etc. There is no real problem, but a Voice interface is a nice alternative.

When I designed voice applications for some big retailers over 15 years ago, order picking with a voice terminal was a godsend. Your hands free to handle everything.

For small business owners who are packing themselves, this can also be a godsend. While packing, you might need some info but that laptop is sometimes inconvenient. Something completely different, have you ever noticed that there are no good order picking apps. for WooCommerce?

The solution

The solution in itself is simple. I created a project for Google Actions in 2 hours via Voiceflow. It is a demo and by no means a complete solution.

I just want to show what is possible. The video speaks for itself (Dutch language)

Try Voiceflow

Not working out? I can help you.


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