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We help companies streamline their processes and automation between applications.

Our latest carefully selected tips to help your business become more automated.

Can you run your automations on your own servers?

Don't we all love automations? You set and forget something and it does it's work.

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Hoe koppel je WooCommerce en Moneybird?

Hoe koppel je Moneybird aan WooCommerce op een mooie en betrouwbare manier?

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Using ChatGPT to create WordPress automation plugin for

We never bothered to write any WordPress plugin but with the help of ChatGTP we finished a nice demo in 30 minutes. Will we all be jobless? No, not at

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Ontdek de kracht van Visma.Net API Webhooks

Hoe werk je met de webhooks om bijvoorbeeld een voorraad update automatisch door te sturen?

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Run your own automation with N8N and Digital Ocean

If hosted automation becomes expensive what can you use as an alternative?

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How to automate product descriptions with AI?

Generative AI is hot but we think recognizing what is in a picture is also pretty handy for automation purposes. We have checked a few tools to do that.

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Work faster and smarter

After 30 years of working on all kinds of automation projects, the penny has dropped. Automation is the optimal use of tools to work faster and more simply. That's all it is, but for many companies this is where the shoe pinches.

Nowadays this is called Digital Transformation. Starting in the 10s of this century, it is no longer about digitizing existing process chains within organizations, but the use of technology in ever-changing networks and new business models becomes important.


  • Has been working on digital solutions in a variety of industries for 30 years
  • Understands APIs and automation tools
  • Makes smart use of what is already there
  • Helps you with your Digital Transformation
  • Enjoys sharing her knowledge through this site

What do we deliver as a company?

If we do consultancy, we rather help you with online tips, we offer the following three services.


More and more companies are looking at low-code and automations to digitize their business faster. THINGS IO works with tools such as: Zapier, Power Automate, Integromat and N8N.


Are you in the middle of your Digital Transformation and need advice to optimize your processes? THINGS IO advises on process optimization.

Tips and tricks

In 30 years we have collected many tools and solutions. 

We want to share mots of this with you for free.

How do we work?

We avoid the busy highways but rather create our own elephant path.

Pinpoint the problem

What is your painpoint? Where do you think Digital Transformation works best in your company?

Prepare and research

Do we have the tools to transform your business Digitally? Can we simply and quickly connect systems?


Let's change your mindset to doing!


Happy Clients


Projects Done


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Award Winner


You don't know exactly where to start and what should be done? We can help to analyse where Digital Transformation makes sense and which tools you can pick off the shelf.
It's not always about creating new code or tools!

Our Strength is out-of-the-box thinking and simplicity

Don't start with ultimate complex processes and don't let suppliers overwhelm you with features and great offers. In the end every solutions needs to be a great fit.


Brainstorming, analysing and understanding.

We need to get to a point where we understand your business before we can do anything. 

  • takling to stakeholders
  • analyzing what's there

Clients Testimonials

Some of the customers we worked for.

How can we help?

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    We believe in the fact that doing can start change. Ony by doing you can change processes and make them more lean and mean. The tools allow you to do this.

    Some of our clients, past and present.

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