Using ChatGPT to create WordPress automation plugin for make.com

We never bothered to write any Wordpress plugin but with the help of ChatGTP we finished a nice demo in 30 minutes.

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Run your own automation with N8N and Digital Ocean

If hosted automation becomes expensive what can you use as an alternative?

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How to automate product descriptions with AI?

Generative AI is hot but we think recognizing what is in a picture is also pretty handy for automation purposes. We have

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Tell better stories with animation and LottieFiles

Motion doesn’t just make your designs look good – although it does that well, too. It also drives engagement, conversion and effective

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2 useful WooCommerce automation options

2 handige WooCommerce automation opties. Gebruik van Integromat en webhooks.

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  • 22/12/2021
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  • Less than a minute

WooCommerce Google Assistant ordering information

In this blog, you can find a Google Assistant demo created through Voiceflow. You can query the status of a WooCommerce order.

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WooCommerce voucher automation for specific customer

WooCommerce is a wonderful solution for any e-commerce entrepreneur but there is 1 problem, you sometimes need so many plugins when you

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Adding JFIF file support to WordPress

A while ago I noticed that Wordpress does not support JFIF out of the box. Sometimes I download JFIF files from other

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