WooCommerce voucher automation for specific customer

 The problem

WooCommerce is a wonderful solution for any e-commerce entrepreneur but there is 1 problem, you sometimes need so many plugins when you can solve it differently.

The solution

Wake up, we live in a world where more and more Cloud solutions are being linked together. Business Automation tools such as Power Automate, Zapier and Integromat make it possible to snap together functionality in an orderly fashion.

With Integromat, for example, you can automate a very large part of WooCommerce without needing another specific plugin. Moreover, it remains uncluttered, see image below:

Say it yourself, you can see very clearly how it works anyway.

The details

We can create this solution because we use APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). In fact, this is a way of communicating without all the overhead of a UI.

Tools like Zapier and Integromat tie these APIs together and I am a specialist in just that 🙂

Let’s briefly walk through the solution and how it works.

The first step in the workflow is WooCommerce watch orders. With this we instruct the workflow to monitor new orders. If there is a new order then the workflow continues.

It is important to connect to the WooCommerce API first.

The second step in the workflow is Create coupon only for this customer. This creates a coupon for a specific customer based on a filter, for example total amount over 50. You can see that it is possible to do any coupon setting.

After creating the coupon, the workflow continues.

In the third step of the workflow, we retrieve all the data from the coupon again via the coupon id. We need this data to use in the email.

After retrieving the coupon data, the workflow continues.

The last step in this workflow, in this case, is to send an email via Gmail.

You can very easily map all fields from the coupon with fields in the Gmail block.

Of course, each step requires quite a few settings but this is easy to manage. After years of experience with all kinds of e-commerce platforms, I know that this is the best method to manage everything.

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