Use scheduled shutdowns to save money and energy

Cloud prices are surging and the promise that public cloud would save you money has not been fulfilled. The hyperscalers have locked

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Can you run your automations on your own servers?

Don't we all love automations? You set and forget something and it does it's work.

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Hoe koppel je WooCommerce en Moneybird?

Hoe koppel je Moneybird aan WooCommerce op een mooie en betrouwbare manier?

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Using ChatGPT to create WordPress automation plugin for

We never bothered to write any Wordpress plugin but with the help of ChatGTP we finished a nice demo in 30 minutes.

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Ontdek de kracht van Visma.Net API Webhooks

Hoe werk je met de webhooks om bijvoorbeeld een voorraad update automatisch door te sturen?

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Run your own automation with N8N and Digital Ocean

If hosted automation becomes expensive what can you use as an alternative?

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How to automate product descriptions with AI?

Generative AI is hot but we think recognizing what is in a picture is also pretty handy for automation purposes. We have

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2 useful WooCommerce automation options

2 handige WooCommerce automation opties. Gebruik van Integromat en webhooks.

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  • 22/12/2021
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WooCommerce Google Assistant ordering information

In this blog, you can find a Google Assistant demo created through Voiceflow. You can query the status of a WooCommerce order.

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