Power your LittleBits with green energy

There is a lot of “buzz” and “fuzz” around the Internet Of Things but one thing does not popup regularly, all the things need energy!

I’m concerned that 50 billion devices will increase our energy needs significantly. This increase will put a big strain on our energy resources unless we solve the battery problem. Some recent developments make me smile because they solve a piece of the problem:
– Offer solutions that are energy neutral;
– Energy harvesting chips.

The first point is more an agreement that needs to be in place when companies deliver sensors solutions, all solutions should be energy neutral. By no means this has been arranged yet but I can imagine this will be mandatory and possible in the near future.

The second is much more promising. Texas Instruments is working on chips that can use ambient energy to power themselves. An energy harvester module can capture energy from: light, vibration, thermal or biological sources. This is probably the future, chips that capture energy from any source available for free!


In the workshops that we provide for kids we always try to explain that every little bit we use needs energy and that energy comes at a cost. During our last workshop at the “Here comes the summer” festival at Vlieland we even showed a few simple solutions. Although most of these solutions don’t provide much energy we have been able to power LittleBits with:

– Muscle power;
– Solar;
– Wind.

During next workshops we will continue to get more green energy in place make kids aware of the energy problems we face. Our kids need to solve the mess we made 🙂
In this post you can find a few pictures of alternative ways to power LittleBits.


IMG-20150520-WA0000 IMG-20150520-WA0001

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